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Invest your spare change in Bitcoin. Fast, secure and easy!

How it works

Invest your spare change in Bitcoin

1. Connect your Gmail acount
Create a Pocket Bloom account in seconds, using your existing Gmail account.
2. Sync your debit card
Keep using your card and we'll round up each transaction to the nearest dollar.
3. Watch your investments grow
We'll invest the round ups from your transactions each day. We charge only $1 per month.

As simple as making a purchase

All your data is encrypted and we never save any sensitive information. Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) are predominantly held in cold storage.
Realtime updates
We'll notify you whenever a round-up transaction is made.
Full control
Invest in Bitcoin and sell whenever your account balance is above $5
Customer support
We offer hands-on customer support at every stage, from onboarding through portfolio configuration.

Start investing now

Create a new account in seconds, and start taking a prudent approach to cryptocurrency investing.